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Easiest Dessert Ever (since you’re busy teaching anyway)

Need something to bring to the teachers’ meeting but no time to prep? No worries. Make this elegant dessert in minutes.Just pick up some mini phyllo pastry shells and a jar of lemon or key lime curd. Plop the curd into the shells and garnish with blueberries and maybe some lemon or lime zest. Done.

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3 Surefire Ways to Remember Important Dates & Numbers

For some of us, numbers are just hard to remember. Dates too. They lack emotion, a human element, and are simply devoid of passion. For example, you may remember that Confederate gunfire on Fort Sumter ignited the beginning of the Civil War, but what was that date? Hmmmm. (April 12, 1861, I looked it up.) For students who have trouble memorizing [...]

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