Quit Singing the Bulletin Board Blues

Before you grab your stapler and scissors to design the typical August bulletin board anthem, "Welcome back to school," take a journey with me deep into the school year. Imagine it is April and only a couple of months or so left before summertime. When the students stroll out of the room at the end [...]

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5 Simple Tricks for Better PowerPoints

One of the big perks of working as a video producer is collaborating with brilliant graphic designers and photographers.  When I’m with them, I absorb all I can. With the many demands on educators in today’s world, no one expects teachers to be graphic designers too! Keeping up is nothing short of miraculous. But, here [...]

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How to “Kill It” on the Last Day of School

As the sun begins to set on another school year, fantasies of white sand beaches and sleeping as late as rock stars begin to blossom in our classroom daydreams. And after months jam-packed with responsibilities, rules, and routines (not to mention the frequent drama and chaos), who would blame us for phoning in our strategy [...]

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Bring Back Recess

Remember recess: that much anticipated break filled with squeaky swings, a twirling merry-go-round circled by running children, a soundtrack of chatter and laughter, and, yes, the occasional bloody knee? Well, there’s a lot less recess going on these days due to America’s mission to upgrade test scores. Problem is; the strategy isn’t working. While test [...]

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Six Life Lessons Growing in the Garden

Gardeners make amazing teachers. It’s easy. Life’s most important lessons are all right there for the picking, a cornucopia of wisdom among the tomato plants and berry vines. You may already use gardening as a teaching tool. Classrooms, hallways, and courtyards are filled with hydroponic gardens and vertical gardens; some teachers even go “old school” [...]

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Easiest Dessert Ever (since you’re busy teaching anyway)

Need something to bring to the teachers’ meeting but no time to prep? No worries. Make this elegant dessert in minutes.Just pick up some mini phyllo pastry shells and a jar of lemon or key lime curd. Plop the curd into the shells and garnish with blueberries and maybe some lemon or lime zest. Done.

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3 Surefire Ways to Remember Important Dates & Numbers

For some of us, numbers are just hard to remember. Dates too. They lack emotion, a human element, and are simply devoid of passion. For example, you may remember that Confederate gunfire on Fort Sumter ignited the beginning of the Civil War, but what was that date? Hmmmm. (April 12, 1861, I looked it up.) For students who have trouble memorizing [...]

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