Product Description

Imagine edible creations enticing enough to race for, perhaps to fight for; tempting enough that you would consider stealing from a small child. Chefs have the ability to make people do things like that. And presenting irresistible yumminess is just the one of the skills necessary to become a successful chef or restaurant owner. Meet world class chef Jim Severson, co-owner of Sevy’s Grill, a popular hot spot in Dallas. Gain the insight Chef Severson earned over decades of experience in the restaurant business. And find out if becoming a chef or restaurant owner is right for you.

What You’ll Receive

Unlimited access to video which takes you behind the scenes with a world class chef!

Teaching materials include:
  • About the Career – Career description, how to become a chef, discussion questions & related academic subjects
  • Chef Website – (Language Arts & Design) Students create the opening page for the Sevy’s Grill website. Design, organize, and write copy that will entice guests to visit Sevy’s.
  • The Big Meals – (Math) How much does it take to feed a restaurant full of hungry guests? Well, do the math. Multiply the fractions and transform recipes for four into a recipe for forty or more.