Product Description

Find out what it’s like in the high gloss world of fashion. Model and fashion show producer Jan Strimple has walked runways before audiences throughout the world. Now, she orchestrates fashion shows and shares her knowledge earned from decades in the fashion industry. If you have ever considered becoming a model or fashion show producer, this is a must see.

What You’ll Receive

Unlimited access to video taking viewers inside the fashion industry

Teaching materials include:
  • About the Career – Career description, how to become a fashion show producer, discussion questions and related academic subjects
  • Budgeting for a Fashion Show – (Math) Shows how math plays a key role in this fashion industry career.
  • Order at the Fashion Show – (Order of Instructions – Cause/Effect) Organize ideas, events, and tasks into a strategic “to do” list for fashion show success.
  • Runway Times – (Math) Timing is everything right? Pair models with music selections to create a seamless timing flow for the runway.
  • Team Building – (Language Arts/Reasoning) Problem solve challenges that arrive during a fashion show incorporating team building skills.
  • Writing for Fashion – (Language Arts) How a fashion show producer uses writing skills. Transform your vision for a unique event into words that will “wow” the client.