Forces of Motion – BMX Racer

//Forces of Motion – BMX Racer

Forces of Motion – BMX Racer


Four Tools with Every Kit!

  • Visual Bellringer
  • Web-based Video
  • Classroom Powerpoint
  • Worksheet

Product Description

What You’ll Receive

This kit taps into the excitement of BMX bike racing to illustrate principles of motion. Newton’s three laws of motion are demonstrated and students learn how air resistance, friction, gravity and inertia come into play in this sport.

  • Bellringer – Students are asked to match four terms associated with principles of motion to their definitions.
  • Video – The video features the story of a BMX racer named Colin. He talks about what it takes to be successful at BMX racing and why he loves it. Students are asked to consider the forces of motion at play in this sport as they watch.
  • PowerPoint – This interactive visual presentation features images associated with the video to demonstrate examples of Newton’s laws of motion. It also asks for student input regarding specific principles of motion. The PowerPoint ends with quirky facts about Isaac Newton.
  • Worksheet – Students are asked thought provoking questions relating to forces of motion to demonstrate understanding of the principles.


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