Product Description

Take this incredible opportunity to meet Dr. Bill Bass, world famous forensic anthropologist and founder of The Body Farm at the University of Tennessee. The Body Farm is a research facility which collects human bodies to examine how the corpses decompose in various environments. The information helps law enforcement authorities solve murders.

Dr. Bass is one of the world’s most recognized forensic anthropologists and also one of the most passionate. That’s why the students of the University of Tennessee love him and so will you. Author Patricia Cornwell even based a crime novel on the work at the facility Dr. Bass founded, appropriately entitled, “The Body Farm.”

What you’ll receive

Unlimited access to video profile of Dr. Bill Bass and his advice to students on a career in forensic anthropology

Teaching materials include:
  • About the Career – Career descriptions, discussion questions, how to become a forensic anthropologist, and related academic subjects
  • Talking Bones – (Science & Language Arts) Compare bone evidence to a missing person’s list and make connections based on inductive and deductive reasoning. Coming Soon
  • The Science of It – (Science) The many kinds of science that play a part in forensic anthropology