K-1 Reading Comprehension

//K-1 Reading Comprehension

K-1 Reading Comprehension


Four Tools with Every Kit!

  • Visual Bellringer
  • Web-based Video
  • Classroom Powerpoint
  • Worksheet

Product Description

What You’ll Receive

This skill kit is bulging at the seams with engaging teaching tools. Thirteen kindergarten Common Core standards are demonstrated in this kit, along with seven first grade standards.

  • PowerPoint: Bellringer –Here’s a great way to introduce students to the day’s theme: dogs and ducks, while subtly teaching the “d” sound. Play this PowerPoint in slide show mode and it will play music and loop images until stopped.
  • Video: Story Comprehension – A warm story of a dog named Roxy, who is saddened because she wants to befriend the ducks at the park, but they always fly away.
  • Video: Parts of a Story – Challenges students to identify the characters in the video story, the setting and the parts of the story: beginning, middle and end.
  • PowerPoint: Roxy’s Dream – In this story, told through words and photographs, Roxy coaxes her owner into making her dreams come true by giving her a favorite treat. Students are asked to answer questions about the story.
  • Activity: Ducks/Dog Rhyming– Which one rhymes? Students use signs to hold up their choice for the correct rhyming word. Does it rhyme with duck or dog?
  • Activity: Story Retelling – Ready for your close-up? Print out hand-held masks. And as a student narrator retells the story, little actors give a live performance.
  • Activity: Crafty Duck – A little glue, feathers, a beak and expert coloring and what do ya get? A duck for the fridge, of course.
  • Game: Match the Number Card Game – Not exactly Vegas, but you bet students will celebrate their winning hands as they match up picture and number cards. Good luck!
  • Activity: Maze Handout– Help Roxy get through the maze to make some “amazing” duck friends.
  • Game: Colorful Ducks – Colorful ducks, all around! All you have to do is find them and name that color.
  • Activity: Coloring Sheet– What can you remember about the Roxy’s story? What color was she? What about the ducks, sky and trees? Show me.


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