K-1 Seasons

K-1 Seasons


Four Tools with Every Kit!

  • Visual Bellringer
  • Web-based Video
  • Classroom Powerpoint
  • Worksheet

Product Description

Video: Bellringer

Video: A Look at the Seasons

What You’ll Receive

This dual purpose kit introduces students to the glory of nature’s seasons while teaching valuable language arts skills, aligning with 15 Kindergarten Language Arts Common Core Standards.  Through breathtaking scenery, entertaining worksheets, enchanting coloring pages and more, students will be drawn into the beauty of the seasons and learn more than a dozen language arts skills while they’re at it.

  • Video: Bellringer – This video teaches about weather associated with the seasons while simultaneously working on syllable recognition and spelling of one syllable words. It also introduces interjections used to respond to weather conditions. (3:08)

  • Video: A Look at the Seasons – Enjoy breathtaking landscapes and lively activities associated with the four seasons of the year. This element is particularly useful for introducing students to the concept of seasons. Since it is edited to music with no narration, it can be used as a stand-alone presentation or teacher may choose to talk over.  (1:28)

  • PowerPoint: Overview of Seasons – Teaches basic information about seasons and asks questions to confirm comprehension. Students demonstrate understanding of the relational order of the seasons. New words introduced.

  • PowerPoint:  Group Reading Activity – While increasing awareness of seasonal differences, this presentation focuses on reading skills. Students see how replacing letters can make whole new words. They work on syllables and sounding out words. Students are challenged to recognize sight words. This presentation touches on colors and compound words.

  • PowerPoint: Which Season? – Students examine eight scenes to determine which season is depicted.

  • Game:  Seasons – Deal out 2 hands of printable cards. Students organize cards based on the first letters of the images.

  • Worksheet: Seasons Matchup – Students draw lines to the season that best relates to an image.

  • Craft:  Seasons of Nature Craft – Here’s something for your explorers and artists!  A hands-on project including a scavenger hunt and a work of art.

  • Worksheet:  Beginning Letter – Fill in the missing letters for images associated with the seasons.

  • Answer Key: To all relevant materials.

  • Activity: Coloring Pages: Four adorable coloring pages, one for each season.


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