K Counting, Cardinality & Base 10

//K Counting, Cardinality & Base 10

K Counting, Cardinality & Base 10


Four Tools with Every Kit!

  • Visual Bellringer
  • Web-based Video
  • Classroom Powerpoint
  • Worksheet

Product Description

What you’ll receive:

The Toying with Numbers kit reaches children through toys to teach counting, cardinality and base ten. This kit aligns with eleven kindergarten math Common Core standards. (Includes CC Standards sheet)

  • Video: Bellringer – Stuffed elephants, soccer balls and balloon flowers help students visualize less than/greater than strategies. This narrated video filled with animated graphics works great to introduce students to concept of greater than/less than or to review the skill.
  • Video: Ode to Ten Sing Along – Charming professional musician (Miss Brooke) sings and plays ukulele while teaching students how to count by tens to one hundred. Students also use their ages to count forward to ten. And they sing about and decompose the “ten-plus” numbers between ten and twenty.
  • Video: Counting ToysAn animated train, toy cars and dolls display the pairing numbers with objects, one by one. Objects are rearranged to demonstrate that the number of objects doesn’t change.
  • PowerPoint: Cardinal Numbers & Counting – Students draw the relationship between numbers and the quantity.
  • Activity: Toy Pass Around – Here’s a hands-on activity using a toy to help students count by ones and tens. Pass it on!
  • Game: Which is greater? – Count the toy chicks, ghosts, and soldiers to determine which group is greater. Hold up your paddle if you know the answer. (Game cut outs included.)
  • Worksheet: Count & Color – See the number; color the correct number of drawings.


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