Living & Non-Living Things

//Living & Non-Living Things

Living & Non-Living Things


Four Tools with Every Kit!

  • Visual Bellringer
  • Web-based Video
  • Classroom Powerpoint
  • Worksheet

Product Description

What You’ll Receive

Why is a watermelon on the vine alive, but a watermelon smoothie is not?

Students learn to distinguish between living and non-living things.

  • The bellringer presents photos and asks students to identify things that are alive.
  • The video introduces a guitar-playing farmer who takes students to a country garden where some of their favorite foods originate.
  • The PowerPoint presentation spells out the scientific characteristics required for something to be classified as a living thing.
  • The worksheet challenges students to complete a graphic organizer and show what they have learned. Students will fill in pictures or words to demonstrate things that are alive and things that are not.


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