Parts of a Plant

//Parts of a Plant

Parts of a Plant


Four Tools with Every Kit!

  • Visual Bellringer
  • Web-based Video
  • Classroom Powerpoint
  • Worksheet

Product Description

What You’ll Receive

This kit uses a word game, a classroom activity, drawing, and a character named “the gardening cowboy” to bring students into the world of plants and demonstrate how their tiny parts work together to sustain them.

  • Bellringer – Find a word! The bellringer challenges students to find words related to plants and gardening. Among the jumbled letters are several key words that will be defined in today’s lesson.
  • Video – He’s a gardener and he’s a cowboy. Now, he’s not having an identity crisis. He’s the gardening cowboy and he introduces students to parts of a flower in a comical, tongue-in-cheek presentation.
  • PowerPoint – The PowerPoint presentation teaches students to identify the parts of a plant and their functions through photos. Then, students are asked to play a game which requires drawing and labeling the parts of a plant.
  • Worksheet – The worksheet requires students to show what they have learned by labeling photographs and explaining why certain parts of the plant are necessary.


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