Product Description

Shows off those double backflips. Perform a flawless swan dive. Or maybe you’re just a champion pool chair potato. A pool builder designs the ultimate backyard paradise for clients to enjoy in whatever way they choose. See amazing water playgrounds, unique pool features and learn how the plans come together, from the initial concept to first belly flop. It’s a creative career with a focus on fun.

What you’ll receive

Unlimited access to video showing how a backyard oasis is created

Teaching Materials include:
  • About the Career – Career description, discussion questions, how to become a pool builder, related academic subjects
  • Words that Sell – (Language Arts) Write crisp, persuasive copy for a publication describing innovative, breath-taking pools.
  • Reasoning – (Language Arts) Think through the best solutions for clients with varying lifestyles concerning pool maintenance.
  • Volume – (Math) How much water it will take to fill pools with traditional and non-traditional shapes and sizes?