Product Description

The job? Jump into a raft full of novices to take on the white water rapids of a mountain river, armed with oars and an emergency kit. Go!

That’s what river rafting guide Jordan Wallace does several times a day during rafting season. It’s an adventure for sure. But, as Jordan points out, this job has serious responsibilities and demands an energy level that’s off the grid.

What you’ll receive

Unlimited access to video highlighting the perks, challenges and responsibilities of life as a river rafting guide

Teaching Materials include:
  • About the Career – Career description, how to become a river rafting guide, discussion questions and related academic subjects
  • Extreme Rafting – (Math) How guides use math formulas to figure distance, time and speed.
  • Newton’s Laws of Motion – (Science) See Newton’s Laws at work in water formations and movements on the river.
  • Rivers, alive and changing – (Science) Take a close look at why a river is never the same at any two points in time. And see why certain parts of a river’s environment uniquely foster plant and animal life.