child-559407_1280Gardeners make amazing teachers. It’s easy. Life’s most important lessons are all right there for the picking, a cornucopia of wisdom among the tomato plants and berry vines. You may already use gardening as a teaching tool. Classrooms, hallways, and courtyards are filled with hydroponic gardens and vertical gardens; some teachers even go “old school” with plants placed straight in the ground. But whatever the style, whether at school or at home, the garden is a great place for teachers and parents to address the big stuff.

Make the most of what you have
Talents, skills and abilities are all seeds to be planted. Sure, they may be small now, but throw them out there; grow them strong. Become more than you could have ever imagined. It can happen.Plants-sky

There’s joy in investing in something and watching it grow
Garden plants require something of you. Take care of them and they’ll blossom. They’ll multiply. Enjoy every moment of the process. Embrace opportunities to nurture friends, family, animals, and plants. Oh yeah, and take good care of yourself. It works out well.


Hard work pays off
Let’s face it. Digging up dirt and plowing through clods isn’t fun. There’s nothing to celebrate; nothing to see, not yet. That’s life. Great things require digging and plowing. They require watering and nurturing. Then, there’s the payoff.  Power through.

Embrace your Community
Once you’ve committed your energy, time and determination, worked the soil, and watered the seedlings, you realize the big rewards. Wow! You have enough squash for the entire neighborhood. Why not share? Get to know your neighbors. Give of the abundance that you have. It’s fun. Think about it. What could be a better gift? “Hey Grandma, I want you to have this flower. I grew it myself, just for you.”

Want to open eyes to the principles of making a living in this world? Here’s an opportunity for families. Have the child invest in seeds, using allowance money, birthday money, or money earned doing chores. Then, promise to buy back any produce at a hefty profit margin. The child is encouraged to nurture the garden, invest in higher earnings and feel the success of a job well done.

Life is full of surprises
In the world of gardening and farming, nature has a way of surprising us all. No two years are the same. Maybe the crop will be great; maybe not so great. And there’s just no telling what you and the children will discover. Maybe caterpillars, butterflies or bees will visit. It’s all part of the adventure of growing.